This page is for a program with a deadline of April 22, 2022. This is an archive page for reference.

This resource is designed for people living in North and South Carolina who fear returning to their country and are seeking asylum. Asylum is a form of protection that allows you to stay in the United States. U.S. law requires asylum applications to be filed within one year of entry into the United States, with some limited exceptions. But a recent court case called Mendez Rojas gives some people until April 22, 2022 to file their first asylum application or to refile or update an application that was filed after the one year period.

This resource will help you determine if you can still file for asylum even if you missed the one year deadline. It will also provide the information and documents you need to protect your right to apply for asylum.

Even if you are not eligible for additional time for your asylum application to be considered or you are not afraid to your home country, you can find resources on how to find the status of your immigration case, how to change your address in the Charlotte immigration court, and how to move your immigration case to the Charlotte immigration court if you have moved to North or South Carolina here.

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*If you have read the above information, you can access the resources here.*

This guide is created by the Immigrant Rights Clinic at the Duke School of Law. Please note that this is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. We recommend that you speak with an attorney, but if you are unable to find an attorney and need to represent yourself, the link above should help you get the resources you might need. You can find an attorney here:

Find an immigration attorney here.